Siren was built on Facebook Messenger platform by a team of maritime lawyers with the purpose to make the ship arrest procedure fast, simple and transparent for Clients


All routine issues are now being processed by Siren during 24/7

Discussing circumstances of your case with local lawyers and nominating them for the action usually takes 2-3 business days. Now, with Siren's assistance anyone can nominate maritime lawyers worldwide in a matter of 20 minutes    


We encourage lawyers to offer their service for fixed prices, so Clients will be able to plan their budget. 


Revolutionized Chatbot Experience In Ship Arrest Matters

Learn All About the Advantages

that Siren Has to Offer


Guides you on whether your claim is a maritime one or not.

Vessel Tracking

Tracks current ship position and collects details of her voyage. 

Fixed Prices

Proposes you transparent and fixed prices of legal services for ship arrest or legal advice in chosen jurisdiction.

Time bar

Advises whether the time-bar of your claim is expired.


Checks what evidence of maritime claim you have.


Nominates local maritime lawyers for your matter. 

Vessel ID

Identifies a vessel by its IMO or MMSI number.


Provides a probability of ship arrest in chosen jurisdiction based on circumstances of your case. 

Legal Agreement

Generates Legal Service Agreement and Invoice for payment of legal fees

Escrow Service

Your payment will be kept by Siren until nominated lawyers started the legal action

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8 Simple Steps To Get a Ship Arrested

Start the chat and follow by instructions of Siren
Provide IMO or MMSI number of debtor's vessel
Confirm to Siren checking a probability of arrest in current jurisdiction
Get a probability of your successful arrest of a ship and order legal service
Choose a maritime claim from list
Siren will identify the ship and will track her position
Provide Siren with information on evidence of your maritime claim
Get your Legal Service Agreement and Invoice generated by Siren 

Welcome To Partnership

We welcome maritime lawyers who practice in ship arrest matters to official Partnership with Siren's Network. As the Partner you will be engaged by Siren in legal issues at chosen local ports or in your whole country.  
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